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Andorra - one of the smallest countries in the world is located in the Pyrenees, and it is a unique place for skiing. This small country hold many well-equipped ski resorts, slopes and lifts. It also holds a valid duty free (tax free) system, so time for shopping can be very pleasing due to low prices.

Country is rich of old stone and wooden huts, narrow streets, unforgettable landscapes, gorging mountain rivers and varying difficulty ski slopes, modern shops and an abundance of different hotels. 
Everything here seems very friendly - everyone will find its own entertainment. When checking a map, Andorra is just a small speck lost in the Pyrenees, but the place is full of excitement: skiers here are equipped with - 235 km of slopes,
from the most easiest for beginners to steep landings speed lovers. If you add to the excellent infrastructure which is comfortable and cozy hotel, clean and beautiful nature - it becomes clear why Andorra as a favorite skiers. the ski area reaches 2640 to 1710 m, height difference is around 930 m. There are 62 lifts altogether, which can
raise as much as 100 700 skiers per hour.
Country holds a total of 118 ski slopes: 21 green, 42 blue, 30 red, 25 black and 4 snow parks. Ski season starts in December and lasts till April.
Best time to travel: From December To December
Price without flight 795 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 3 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.