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Apulia is home of white sandy beaches and sunny landscapes, silver olive plantations, spectacular hills and unforgettable cities. It is a rich lowland region that has a very long and changing coastline - from high limestone cliffs to white sandy beaches. Its southernmost portion, known as the Salento peninsula, forms a "stiletto" on the "boot" of Italy. Here the Adriatic and Ionian Seas meet and merge together - transparent emerald green merges with deep blue waters. 

The long coastline was conquered by quite a few - normans, spaniards, turks, greeks - during the centuries. Nonetheless, Apulia has kept its unique and authentic atmosphere. It is not so famous among tourists, but attracts Italians from all over the country for festival seasons, such as sagre - very often involving food, and frequently a historical pageant and sporting events - and most of them spend here their yearly vacations.

Apulia's cuisine is quite a legend in Italy: olive oil, grapes, tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, peppers, salami, champignon, olives and fresh seafood - all comes from this region and is on your holiday dinner table. 

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