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Bali is just a tiny piece of land on a vast map of Indonesian archipelago. It attracts "wild" tourism lovers and adventurers. The island is called many names - island of 1000 gods, 1000 temples, the island of love or paradise. The first moment in this island makes you realise that you are in a world of different cultures, nature and lifestyle. You can freely explore everything this island offers.

It is the only island that kept hindu and buddhist cultures among the vast surrounding islamic countries. It seems that nothing could touch it: neither islamic culture, surrounding the island since XVI century, neither 300 years of dutch rule, nor booming tourism, that started in 70's.

Everything here abides to the old traditions: local houses reminds temples, where people live and pray, offer gifts to the gods and keep urns with beloved ones. Local traditional robes - sargons. People try to make everything beautiful whatever it may be: festivals, funerals, businesses and lifestyle. Balinese people don't hide their rituals and traditions from the world.

Visit unique Balinese places - cool water ponds in the north of the island overlooking waterfalls, colourful markets on the hill tops, full of fruit, veggies and flowers. Here are many wild orchids and roses, surrounded by many tweeting birds. Temples of the island - real sanctuary of culture and high spirit.

We recommend visiting an town of Ubud (maybe for the last 2 days or for your own amusement). Ubud town holds so much of old culture, traditions and temples that it's hard to believe it hasn't changed due to so many tourists visiting every year. Ubud is like a temple - full of art galleries, craft shops, clothing and shoe boutique's and museums. Many places offer traditional dances, Indonesian food and jewellery crafts. The town is scented with constantly lit incenses. One of the tourist attractions here - holy forest of monkeys and three temples inside it. This forest is home for over 600 monkeys - respected animals in Balinese culture.

It is a must to see Balinese dances, while in Ubud. Legong-Barong Waksirsa dances with traditional songs and vivid costumes will catch your eye. Kecak fire and trance dances - with over a 100 men only - will take you on a trip of 1,5 hour a cappella,- used in protective ritual dances ages ago.

Ubud and Tegallalang rice plantation terraces will struck you with its scenery. Here you can rest after journey with a cup of afternoon coffee or juice.

Gunung Agung volcano is a highest place in the island - popular among adventure lovers. Tukad Unda dam looks like a waterfall - you won't tell if you don't know. This place is usually full of photographers and families.

Spoil yourself with a Balinese speciality - spa procedures: massages and other procedures with natural products, such as: ginger, cinnamon, cocoa oil and plumeria extract (local flower "frangipani").


Best time to travel: From November To November
Price without flight 3 480 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 26 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.

Different from the mainland islamic Indonesia, Bali is an island of Java Hindu, which means a culture that is thankful, generous and oriented towards the harmonious society. So much needed goodness towards each other, here is a normal thing. Personally, I didn't know it exists at all :)

Bali is the best place for honeymoon - the nature is amazing, constant 35ºC temperature, very helpful guides and staff. Many different choices of adventures left us filled with great impressions.

About friendliness - Bali lives from tourism, so it has a deep hospitality traditions. Tips works the best - of course - but nonetheless, we rejoiced when our lost wedding ring was found by staff when already staying in the different hotel, further in the island! 

We recommend trying yacht "Anicha", rafting, night life of Kuta, and try different massages three times a day :))))

Ana and Linas, after a honeymoon in Bali