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Lombardy is a well known region in Northern Italy. Surrounded by green forests, Como and Garda lakes, here lies its famous capital, Milan. This is a region between the mountain range and a river Po, holds much of green mountain slopes and is full of clear fresh air, thus liked very much by golfers, skiers and wine lovers.

Premium Travel Service offers you a golf holiday for one week:

Direct flight from Vilnius to Bergamo

We recommend to rent a car (additional price), journey to the destination place takes approximately 3,5 hours 

7 night stays in a 4* villa

3 golf rounds in different golf courses

1 day excursion for wine tasting


Best time to travel: From September To September
Price without flight 1000 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 3 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.