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ALOHA! Hawaiian locals welcomes You in their home: fresh air filled with flower scent will brighten up your day, warm and clear waters ease your mind and beautiful nature improves your inner strength. Six unique islands will touches everyones heart and sooner or later you realise that there's nowhere else in the world like in Hawaii.

Hawaii is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific, combined of 132 islands, of which only 8 are habitable. Sometimes the islands are called Aloha islands - referring to the most popular greeting (Aloha - eng. "hello, welcome"). Hawaiian spirit lurks in the local music, sounds, orchids, traditional hula dances and else. Huge Pacific waves attracts surfers and sailboarders from all around the world.

Maui - second largest Hawaiian island. Maui contains a number of microclimates. It is generally drier on Maui’s leeward side where you’ll find the spectacular beaches and resorts, On the wetter windward side you’ll find lush Iao Valley and the scenic road to Hana. It’s warmer along the coast than Upcountry Maui where temperatures are typically cooler. 

The island will surprise you with colourful beaches: white, black, red,- we hope you'll have time to explore them all. Haleakala volcano reaches the clouds with over 3000m high above the sea level. It's very popular and romantic to watch a sunset at the base of the volcano. Here, early in the morning, you'll be able to start your hiking trail to the moon deserts and the world of craters. 

Hawaii is great for swimming, water sports, whale watching and golf.

Best time to travel: All year round
Price without flight 2 600 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 28 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.