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Black dusted land lies below your feet - dry and broken. Red, orange and yellow mountains shine in a distance, covered with scattered lava blocks. Lanzarote - a tiny island, not even 60km wide, which has over 100 sleeping and active volcanos.

Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the autonomous Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately a bit more than 100 km off the African coast. Its capital is Arrecife - here you will always spend an entertaining day.

In the west of the island is the Timanfaya National Park,- once a most fertile land in whole island, now covered in a vast sea of frozen lava. It will be quite difficult to find some trees on the island, the only place - an old capital of Lanzarote - Teguise, surrounded by grape gardens. This town is situated in the middle of an island, just 15km away from the main town of Arrecife. Old capital will offer you something quite delicate - fruity and quite strong traditional wine - malvasia.


Price without flight 650 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 5 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.