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Madeira is a beautiful, exotic island (an autonomous region of Portugal) off the north coast of Africa, also known as The pearl of Atlantic ocean. Spinning heights of the mountains combined with bottomless pits and deep blue of the Atlantic ocean leaves you full of great impressions and love for... orchids. 

Madeira is an ideal holiday place for those who enjoys being in a nature, hiking and travelling.

The climate here is great: summers aren't very hot due to the Gulf Stream and Canary Current in the Atlantic ocean. Yearly temperature here varies between 19°C - 25°C. It never really rains here,- it is said that if it's raining on the eastern part of the island, then for sure it is sunny on the western part. The mountains are covered in thick mist almost all the time hence the constant drizzle there. The humidity creates incredibly green environment - you'll need no filters taking photo's.


Madeira is long known for its fortified wine, varieties may be sweet or dry. Harvest period usually is also the most festive time during the year - the wine is one of the biggest pillars in countries economical structure. Its roots tells the story: long time ago, a sailor unknowingly kept a bottle of aged wine in a warm water for a few months and after discovered its great taste. 

The island is rich not only in grapevine wineries but also banana plantations: they are almost in every dish of the menu. The locals even make special sorts of alcohol from them and a tasty jam, that is mandatory for your breakfast table. Roasted banana goes well with the black scabbard fish - espada - for which local fishermen dives into the depths of few hundred meters.



Best time to travel: From All year round To All year round
Price without flight 600 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 6 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.