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This is a brand-new experience! Majestic Imperator Train De Luxe is offering a unique experience for the modern world.

The history of the imperial-royal train has deep roots in the XIX century, the great age of railroads. During this time, powerful trains were created for the ruling families of Europe. The quest for technical precision and splendid furnishings led to the creation of elegant palaces on rails. The imperial train of Austria-Hungary was built by the renowned wagon and locomotive factory Franz Ringhoffer in Prague-Smichov.

The prototype of such train now opens door for us in Vienna - Majestic Imperator Train De Luxe welcomes You. Train carriages are furnished with an oak parquet floor, the doors have veneers of maple and nut tree roots, the brass trimmings with handles of ivory and the cover plates of the keyholes are vermeil, compartments are decorated in silk, with many embroidered pleats. Carriages contains dining seats, luxury and private compartments, restaurant and bar with a tea kitchen and even a dance floor with a piano player, string quartet, jazz band or any other live music.  

The food is served in unique dishes - every guest here is treated as an emperor.

Train shuttles on a special program, it leaves from Vienna and comes back after a certain schedule. The journey already starts at the platform. Walking over a red carpet you will be personally welcomed by a glass of sparkling wine and then step into another time.


Programme of 2016:

June 18th - midsummers journey to Wachau Valley. Incredible journey in a picturesque landscape by the Danube river awaits you. The shortest night in a year will be marked by tremendous fireworks and an elegant dinner. Price per person: 220euro.

December 8th - advent travel to castle Hof, where you will sense the real Christmas spirit. A Christmas concert in the main ballroom will get you in the mood for the peaceful season of the year before the imperial dinner on board the Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe will seduce your senses. Price per person: 255 euro.

December 31st - January 1st - New Year's Eve Gala dinner with a special programme. Price per person: 395 euro.

Be aware: there is a limited number of tickets, so it is wise to book them in advance. Train also can be rented for private journey and events. 


Best time to travel: From June To June
Price without flight 350 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 3 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.