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The sand in the beaches here is as light as smiles of local people and fishes freely swim around in warm depths of Indian ocean. Warm weather and soft sun beams reminds us the best dream ever.

The Islands are home for various shades of blue lagoons, lively coral reefs and white sand beaches with palms. People spends holidays here completely relaxed, enjoying all pleasures of life.

The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of 1190 coral islands in over 90 000 square km.

Many outdoor activities are available: diving - one of the most exciting things to do surrounded by a colourful coral reef. You will find any kind of water sports here: water polo, swimming, diving, even water picnics and so on. You can take a guided tour to the neighbouring islands, try a night diving and visit Virgin Islands. You can even try to hover above the islands on a small seaplane to gaze upon them and make some nice pictures.

The Maldives are famous among newly-weds. It is an ideal place to enjoy each others company and share love. Beautiful surrounding nature will leave only the best of memories.

And of course - SPA pleasures: various massages and other procedures are done with a natural coconut oil, locally made.


Best time to travel: From November To November
Price without flight 3 480 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 26 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.