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Nepal will grant you impressions for a lifetime. Discover "the roof of the world" - as it is usually called - in a sightseeing journey to historically and culturally rich towns and shrines, see Himalayan mountaintops at dawn and find tranquility on the shores of lake Phewa.

Journey will introduce You to the Kathmandu Valley that lies in between Himalayan mountainsides, by the river Bagmati, and is well known as a cultural jewel of the area. Valley contains three ancient towns: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur,- there are seven shrines, named as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. Golden age of Nepal architecture invites you to visit many other relic shrines, stupas and monuments.

Other part of the journey will invite You to explore beautiful nature of Nepal and its traditional culture. We will visit lake Phewa, Davis Falls, Gupteshwar Mahadev cave temple - Stalagmite and limestone cave dedicated to the Lord Shiva. After seeing the sunrise on the highest peaks of Himalaya, we will head on to the south of the country. A day in a Chitwan national park will leave you speechless: while canoeing through the park, you'll be able to notice all kinds of different birds and wild animals, including elephants.

Journey through Nepal will mesmerise you every day with its landscapes, vast mountain ranges and heartwarming people. Peaceful buddhist atmosphere and ages-old traditions will leave you keen on wanting to come back once again. 



DAYS 1 - 2

Flights Vilnius - European city - Kathmandu. Arriving to Kathmandu. Arriving to the hotel, dinner, resting time. The most curious ones will be able to do a short welcome sightseeing.


All day in Kathmandu. Visit to the old city of Kathmandu: museum under the stars, which buildings dates back up to year 1485, and which is named as a World Heritage by UNESCO. We will see: Old Palace of the Kings, dozen of different hindu shrines, the Palace of Kumari Devi, or Living Goddess. After meeting historical monuments, we will step by an old market to have an eye on a everyday nepalese life.

Lunch in a restaurant will make us ready for the next town of Patan (which was united with Kathmandu in 1768). Patan is considered to be the capital of nepalese art. We will sightsee on the streets among beautiful architectural buildings and travel to the local market to try our best in bargaining for the best price while buying traditional crafts of the Newar people: wood carvings, silver platelets, statues etc.

Later: journey to the oldest Tibetan buddhist stupa Swayambhu. This stupa is a symbol of the whole Kathmandu Valley. According to the myths, it marks the spot, where the history of Kathmandu Valley has started many ages ago.

Night in a hotel.


After breakfast we will depart for Pokhara. We'll travel partly by wooden rafts (approximately 4-5 hours) and share our joy watching spectacular surrounding nature. We'll have lunch right after and travel further on to Pokhara. Arrival at the hotel on the shores of lake Phewa. Resting time.


A day in Pokhara: visit to the World Peace stupa, gaze at the views towards lake Phewa and all Pokhara region, visit at Davis Falls and Gupteshwar Mahadev cave temple among limestone and stalagmites. After mystical experiences we'll try to come back to the normal world while having a nice lunch in a local restaurant - as guests in a tibetan refugee camp. Tibetan cuisine: rich soup thukpa, steamed dumplings momo and other dishes will leave you full to the rim. After lunch - sightseeing among local settlements: getting a grasp of their everyday life, visit to the local monastery and participating in an afternoon puja. There will also be some free time for meditation. Later in the evening we will come back to the hotel.


Dawn at the Sarangkot, close to Pokhara. Watching sunrise in Himalaya might as well be the most impressive moment in Your journey. Here, first golden light falls on the highest peaks: Dhaulagiri (8167m), Machapuchare (6997m), Annapurna II (7937m) and slides down the mountain slopes while the Sun itself finally show up. After the sunrise we're going to the Chitwan national park in the south of Nepal. Short stop on the way at Bindhyabasini Devi temple - impressive hindu shrine dating back to XVII century. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga, which is the wrathful form of goddess Parvati. Journey to Chitwan takes approximately 7 hours including short breaks, thus we'll arrive in the evening. Dinner and cultural program - Tharu traditional dances, night stay.


A day in forest-jungle. Visit to the elephant farm, elephant ride, observing other wild animals and birds, canoeing. Visit to the Tharu village, an evening stay in a hotel.


Departure for Kathmandu in the morning. Short stop on the way: local monasteries and lunch in a local restaurant. Arriving at Nagarkot - mountain village of an incredible beauty.


Wake up by an amazing golden sunrise. All day spent on a relaxed hiking through tiny mountain paths and enjoying spa pleasures in a hotel. We will definitely fight luring desire to stay here forever...

DAY 10

Departure to Kathmandu after breakfast. Short stop on the way: a walk in a Thimi region - short glance to the local life. Thimi people pays their living by making clay pots and traditional masks. After a short walk, we're on our way to the late kingdom of Bhaktapur - which was the strongest and biggest region in Kathmandu Valley from XII to XVII centuries. It is said "if you haven't been in Bhaktapur, you haven't been in Kathmandu". Here we'll visit temples, king palace and other architectural buildings and have a glimpse on local life - you'll just want to wander the streets. After Bhaktapur we arrive in a hotel in Kathmandu.

DAY 11

We prolong our stay in Kathmandu: after breakfast a visit to the Pashupatinath - a hindu temple on a banks of river Bagmati. Here we'll be surrounded by monkeys and wild-looking ascetics, that lives around the temple. This place is a cremation ground, so we'll be able to watch a ceremony. Later we'll go to Boudhanath Stupa, which is the biggest Tibetan buddhism stupa in Asia. Stupa is surrounded by various Tibetan buddhism monasteries, cosy hotels with cafes' on the rooftops and small tiny shops. We circumambulate the stupa, spend time rolling mantra wheels, talking to the monks and nuns about the meaning of life, drink and eat in a local inns. Farewell dinner in Thamel - a commercial neighbourhood in Kathmandu. Arriving back to the hotel, preparing for the journey to Delhi. 

DAY 12

Flights: Kathmandu - European city - Vilnius.

DAY 13

Arriving to Vilnius.



Rooms: staying in a double room; personal rooms adds up an extra pay

Food: breakfast and lunch.


Price includes:

Nepalese visa

Nepalese guides and a lithuanian speaking assistant

Hotels: Kathmandu 4*, Pokhara 3*, Chitwan 3*, Nagarkot 4*

Transport for the whole journey including a driver

Food: breakfast and lunch

Visiting museums and objects that are included in program

Canoeing by a river Trishuli, lunch included

Canoeing / wooden rafts in lake Phewa


Not included in price:

Flight over Himalaya region

Dinners and beverages

Extra services

Personal expenses



Best time to travel: From October To October
Price without flight 2600 (su skrydžiu) Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 8 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.

Journey to Nepal - it's much more than Himalayan moutains, unique ancient country and unknown culture. It is a journey, where you feel like at home, where it's good to be yourself and share smiles along the way.

Here I discovered the rising sun and learned how to survive without electricity :) I've experienced the joy of life - that it's not the outer things that make us happy, but our own mind instead.

I wish everybody finds a possibility to come here!

Solveiga Savickaitė