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Normandy is a region of northern France, where you can fulfill your senses to the utmost: feast your eyes with an everlasting grace of Mont Saint Michel, get overwhelmed by the grand cliffs in a village of Etretat, check the past in the cathedral of Ruen and dive in colorful landscapes of Claude Monet. You'll also be delighted to find a great variety of flavorful meals.

We invite you to spend a short vacation or a longer holiday in this rich and historical region of France.

Normandy is so rich in places to visit, that it really fascinates everyone who comes by. This region is only two hours drive from Paris and thus is a place where many comes to relax and hide from the turmoil of metropolis. It is a great place to forget the affairs of the fast forwarding world.

The region is famous for its history and how well it has been kept, unique architecture, for being a hometown af many impressionists, as well as archives of French cuisine and of course - home of calvados. 

We recommend to visit: Giverny - home and gardens of Claude Monet, the city of Ruen - once a capital of vikings, a small fisherman commune on the cliffs - Etretat; beaches of Deauville and elseWe welcome you to enjoy the gifts of Normandy - sightseeing, travel, sketch and depict, taking pictures, playing golf and most of all - relaxing.

Best time to travel: From April To April
Price without flight 650 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 3 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.