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Every day You will encounter the life of locals, get in touch with foreign culture, climb high mountains overlooking spectacular views, rest in tiny villages, visit cities of Vietnam and ancient monuments.

Vietnam - a so called land of Red Dragon - touches its visitors with a simple way of life. Ancient buildings, old buddhist temples, poor stilt houses on the shores of Mekong - shows things exactly as they are. Vietnam opened its borders only in 1989, thus couldn't cope fast enough with a modern world. Vietnam is rich in jungles, sandy beaches, mountains, waterfalls and tropical natural parks.

It takes almost 2 weeks to go around Vietnam,- everyday you'll drive not less than 100-150km, spending around 5 hours a day on the way. Short stops on the way will include short rest, taking pictures, checking places and having a bite. Mild climate, friendly locals, asian food, mountains, wavy and sometimes challenging roads - it's a full package for an adventurous holiday! You should know, that motorbike in Vietnam is the most popular and widely used vehicle.

You're night stays consists of various different hotels: on the shores of the river, in the mountains and traditional villages. Unique experiences guaranteed, when changing places everyday and checking-in into different ones, sleeping as guests in a tribal villages, surrounded by nature and stories of the local folk.


Best time to travel: From November To November
Price without flight 1 450 Eur
Recommended lenght
Flight duration About 20 H
There are more options do not hesitate to ask.